I am currently a Senior Network Security Engineer at Etsy.com. I have about 15 years in various areas of information technology / security.  I enjoy cooking using Sous Vide method, its really strange and confuses a lot of people. I am also a life long Star Wars fan, and is happy to talk about all things SW. 

Do snakes have a neck? Or are they kind of one long neck?
— me

Some things I do

  • I wrote a bunch of python to connecto to the Google GSuite Admin API.
  • Wrote an open source framework for Computer Incident Response called Transit. 
  • Very much a fan of Canary tokens and honeypots.
  • Owned up a few systems on hackthebox. 
  • Attended SANS SEC560 Network Penetration testing training.
  • Ive cooked some pretty mean steaks. 
  • I have a 40th anniversary X-Wing luke.